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Welcome to LetsRepaintIt! This is our new website, we hope you like the looks of it! Right now you’re on our homepage. If you want to switch to the downloads, use the popup menu on the right handside. All relevant and new information will appear right here on the landingpage. Stay tuned and subscribe on Facebook and YouTube!

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We’d like to properly welcome you to our new site!


The last couple of months have been one strange ongoing. We used to upload as LetsRepaintIt all the time, but the community changed. We didn’t receive any more requests of any other simulators than OMSI. So the OMSI community is the most active. Atleast, in the Netherlands. People seem to be enjoying our work, so we decided to continu with a brand new website; omnibussimulator.nl.

The Omnibussimulator.nl website will slowly be getting replaced by this site with one huge additional feature; other simulators. When we took down LRI, everyone was being guided to Omnibussimulator.nl. However, it seemed that also some of the other communities are still alive in the Netherlands. Our downloads for Train Simulator and FSX were being missed. We were thinking about implementing an extra category at omnibussimulator.nl to make our downloads of other simulators available too, but we decided not to. Omnibussimulator would be a place where you could come for Duth OMSI content only. Now we are no longer restricted to Omnibussimulator.nl and we can continue where we left off, more than half a year ago.

We’ll slowly on be adding downloads online. This could take a couple of days, so please be patient. As soon as we’ve uploaded them all and the errors are gone, we’ll set them available for you guys. We hope to be all set soon.

Enjoy your stay at our site and if you want to reach us, you can go to our Facebook or YouTube page. You can also send a mail to LetsRepaintIt@gmail.com. We try to answer asap, so within a day.

Thanks for your support in our work, we’re glad you are enjoying our downloads. Have fun!