Hi! this is my first repaint on this website. Today we got a Taeter Aachen repaint for the MB O530GÜ. this was once a ahrweiler bus but has been sold to Taeter (Transdev Rheinland). recently it got a new dispatch number for the control center stuff and i think a new registration plate (could’ve been AC-C 8661 earlier). It also has a bus driver wanted ad at the back. oh well. how to install is everything in the readme which is in the download. have fun!


Registration Plate: AC-TA 3105. Bus number: 3105. Dispatch number: 1919. History: owned by ahrweiler. delivered in 2005. sold to Transdev Rheinland in 2017. Mostly on Routes 2, 147 and 47 in Aachen.

Bus:Mercedes Benz O530GÜ
Auteur bus:Alterr, ArneJ and Morphi
Auteur paint:Sergej Transporter
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